Education Opportunities

Dig Kids BBQ

South Pine Street City was created not only as a garden space, but also as an education space.  We are open to and excited about all kinds of education-minded proposals and we are also available as a space for free-form learning (with supervision).  In this vein, below are our 2012 educational goals.  If you would like to volunteer or collaborate to help meet these goals, please contact me.

Urban Gardening Workshop Series – a series of 4-5 weekend workshops that will focus on the ins and out of food gardening in the city.  From resources to growing to harvest and putting up, I and perhaps other growing professionals will guide you towards getting as much as you can out of the space that you have.  There will be a charge for these workshops, but all proceeds will go towards The Queens Galley and its programs. More details to come!

Partner and Collaborator with the Dig Kids – The Dig Kids is an urban farming program created by the Kingston Land Trust in partnership with South Pine Street City Farm and Family of Woodstock.  During the summer we hire teen interns to work under a garden mentor (this year that mentor will be me) to create and steward a garden in midtown Kingston.  Each intern also works with a junior gardener to teach them basic gardening skills, a sense of food sovereignty and responsibility.  Last year we hosted the end of the season BBQ and we hope to do so again this year.

School, Youth Group and Family Visits – The garden is  available as a teaching space all season long. We welcome small groups of kids to come and do a tasting tour, help us plant or harvest the garden, or just run around and explore. We also encourage any families with children to schedule a visit and help out.  Please be aware that there is a small amount of poison ivy in the back part of the lot, but only in one area and we are in the process of eradicating it.  If you’d like to schedule a visit or help with the poison ivy effort, please contact me.

New and Big Ideas – If you have a new and bold vision for education on the farm, we’d love to hear it!  Perhaps as part of a summer camp? Or a full curriculum of outdoor education in the city?  Or cooking classes?  Or scientific research?  If you are willing to organize the effort, I am will to help out as much as I can and even amend the crop plan to include any special crops you might need.  Contact me if you are interested.