The Farm

The South Pine Street City Farm is an urban farm located in the Hudson Valley’s Kingston, NY. On a 1/4 acre lot, we grow produce destined for our city’s tables. We strive to provide nutritious and delicious vegetables grown minutes from their destination using responsible and regenerative growing practices. We use non-GMO seeds and all organic methods for raising plants, strictly without use of pesticides, and continue to remain true to these ethical sustainable farming practices. We use chemical free organic soil practices, building upon previous soil in the 20+ raised beds and surrounding area, thus maintaining each year a sufficient level of healthy organic matter and essential nutrients¬† to sustain¬† quality crops with each new season.
SOUTH PINE STREET CITY FARM IS LOCATED SOUTH OF GREENKILL AVENUE ON SOUTH PINE STREET (across from Binnewater Ice Company and near Stewart’s and the infamous “five corners.”)

In 2017–its sixth year–the farm will continue to be operated by Joel Zenie and Trish Hawkins. OUR FARM STAND WILL BE OPEN FROM 3 TO 7 PM ON MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, AND FRIDAYS; and the same days but from 3 TO 6 throughout October and early November. Farm-stand will remain open through November 3rd, 2017, possibly for a week or two longer if weather permits.

The South Pine Street City Farm is a program of the Kingston Land Trust made possible by Diane Davenport of the Binnewater Ice Company.

For more information or if you wish to volunteer, contact Trish at or call us at (845) 532-0011. Follow us on Facebook at South Pine Street City Farm for updates on available vegetables.

tomato trio