Farm Efficiency from a Bird’s Eye View: Five Preparation Factors


J.M. Fortier (author of “The Market Gardener”) gives developing and aspiring young farmers a clear and insightful look at foundations for a productive and efficiently run farm. A farming atmosphere free from the stressful working conditions which arise out of disorganized work habits. While the emphasis here is about reflecting upon tasks and areas needing improvement, I prefer to think of this subject and information (positively) as communicating to us the “5 ways to maximize/master and maintain functional fitness when working on your farm”. Skillful intelligent planning is perhaps the most important issue brought to light.   Jdz

2018: End of Year Reflections on Resilience, Commitment and going the Long Haul

As individuals we’re independent, solitary and low key yet friendly, down to earth “everyday people”. Presently as farmers we aspire to create for ourselves ample opportunities to be useful in serving the organic local fresh food needs of local people. Inspired by so many others before us, we hope to eventually steward more of the land and sustain a livelihood of substance and nourishment that only nature and sustainable agriculture can provide. In this way becoming a dynamic and positive influence in the growing and promoting of locally sourced fresh food, at affordable prices.

Aspirations manifest out of inspiration and deep appreciation for the work itself, thus brighter and kinder values of cooperation outweigh the old mindset of competition and divisive “us versus them” comparisons. To be better or best at one’s occupation is not about outshining others nor about crushing competitors, but to embrace all opportunity for learning at each moment by way of clear and intelligent observation(s). Then by further practice to become a benevolent source of life sustenance that addresses real world problems with positive practical solutions.

True success comes from total commitment and thus a continued enthusiasm/fascination with the work itself. We are presently a work in progress, driven to be ever more mindfully attentive and productive in the garden, devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to the many tasks at hand that go into any labor of love. Slow and steady progress allows for learning of all that is involved in truly committing ourselves to the long haul. The joy and meaning inherent in the journey itself, however hard and laborious at times, makes it more than worthwhile to carry on.

Joel D. Zenie