About the Farmers

Current Farmers: Joel & Trish

IMG_1030 Agricultural discovery and quality experiential on the job learning is what keeps us coming back to South Pine City Farm, now in our 5th year. We aspire to one day own a successfully operating farm with many more acres and lush visions of agricultural abundance made fully manifest.

Still we give greatest value and importance to the present journey, whether or not we ever reach the goal. The work itself is it’s own reward and satisfaction, all aspirations of success and future farming prospects aside. 

We work to develop and integrate mindful wholehearted attention more regularly into farming practices, with an uncompromising devotion to ethical and sustainable means of producing high quality organic produce. Although not officially certified as organic we nonetheless keep to high standards of purity and strict adherence to employing only non-toxic chemical free farming practices.

 Joel has been a grower in/of vegetable gardens here in Kingston since 2013, and in 2014 worked over 6 months as intern farmer at Rusty Plough Farm, learning from highly skilled organic growers there. In 2015 we began our journey into the urban ag world and today look forward to yet another great season in 2019.

The Founding Farmers, early years (2012-13)

Farmer KayCee:

KayCee and SparrowKayCee!

Farmer Jes:


Photo credit goes to Dion Ogust

Jesica Clark