About the Farmers

Farmer Jes:


Photo credit goes to Dion Ogust

Jesica Clark hails from the Bronx but has planted herself in Kingston with her handy husband and their two snuggle-dogs.  Although she’s not the main farmer at SPSCF this year, she’ll be around the neighborhood and ready to talk veggies.

Farmer KayCee:

KayCee and SparrowKayCee!

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but I have now spent almost as much of my life in New York as I did in Oklahoma.  I lived in New York City for ten years, teaching elementary school and learning about farming from afar.  In 2006, I moved up to Tivoli to work at Hearty Roots Community Farm, a community supported vegetable farm.  After one season I was hooked.  In my second season there I met my partner, Owen.  Together we started Awesome Farm, a pasture-based livestock farm that was initially in Red Hook and later in Claverack (Columbia County).  We spent four years raising chickens, grass-fed beef and lamb.  While running Awesome Farm, I continued to work at Hearty Roots and somehow managed to have a baby, Sparrow,  in the winter of 2010.
Owen, Sparrow and I moved to Kingston in the fall.  We are excited to be in a small city with more opportunities for all three of us.    I feel very fortunate and excited to have the opportunity to grow food at South Pine Street.  I feel passionate about urban agriculture and the need to develop more food security in our cities and towns as well as increasing everyone’s access to fresh, chemical-free food.  I look forward to nourishing what Jes has created and to meeting all of you.  I am also in the process of growing a new farm in Kingston.  Visit our website to learn about the Kingston YMCA Farm Project.